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Q&A Questions Answered!

Rarely do I ever get a flood of questions if I want to do this. Nor do I ever expect to. Why? Because to be honest, I realize nobody outside of my circle truly gives a damn about my life when they have their own to worry about too, haha. BUT! With the ones I do get, and for this case did get, I wanted to answer them. There were some normal ones I get a lot in person, but there were a couple pretty deep questions that actually made me sit down and think about. So, without further ado.....

here are some answers to some of the questions I picked to answer:

Q) Was football always what you wanted to succeed at?

A) No. My first love, way before I ever started playing football, was baseball. I loved pitching and had a lot of fun playing AAU throughout the years. I stopped playing after my sophomore year in HS after getting kind of burnt out after joining a certain club. Wasn't really anyones fault, just was time to focus on sports I still loved.

Q) What do you want to do after football is over?

A) You mean in about 10 years? Haha. I hope to play for as long as my body will let me, but I want to get into the marketing industry. I graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management degree with the vision to open up my own restaurant one day, but that's long in the past. Over the years marketing has caught my attention, especially with the growth and importance of digital marketing as well. I'm learning as much as I can, doing some externships, and sitting down with professionals in the industry whenever I can.

Q) Do you and your wife want kids?

A) Yup! But when is a mystery!

Q) Why do you like pandas? It seems pretty random.

A) First off, they're the chillest, funniest animals if you see videos of them. They also need our help to repopulate. Also, a random reason is because of their color. I'm black and white and so are they. So ya know, we are alike in that way. And they're goofy like me.

Q) When do you feel at your lowest?

A) This one is tough. I live my life through positivity and seeing the good side of things even when they don't seem good at all. Trying hard to keep myself at a high. But I have my times a lot. We all do. I'd have to say throughout my career so far, sacrificing crucial time and missing events with my family tends to put me in a low state. A lot of the time their support helps, but every now and then it can hit. Through the good times and bad times, physical support is always the best medicine. So when I can physically be there, it definitely lowers me. This was honestly a tough question. I keep thinking of times where I am at a low point, and majority of those times come from the reasons stated above.

Q) Were you born and raised in Charlotte?

A) I was born in Charlottesville, VA. I moved quickly to Maryland while our house was being built in St. Louis, MO. I lived in St. Louis for 3 years before moving to New York for literally half a year before moving right back to St. Louis for another 4 years. Then we finally established ourselves in Charlotte, NC. Where I basically grew up and still live now.

Q) Favorite movie and favorite TV show?

A) The best movie series ever made is Harry Potter. Period. End of discussion. So all of those. And my favorite TV show that I have ever watched (in my opinion guys) is Breaking Bad. Writing, acting, filming was all top notch. With also one of the best finales I've ever seen.

Q) I saw you eat a lot of KNOW cookies and their products lol, do you normally eat healthier just during the season or all year round?

A) I eat a lot of their cookies for the exact reason that they are HEALTHIER cookies. The way I eat is an all year thing. I started eating healthier during pro day training before entering the league and never looked back because of how it made my body feel. I still have my days of eating whatever I want, but usually 6 days out of the week I'm eating healthy. I just like it better.

Q) What principles do you follow to maintain/achieve goals you’ve set for yourself? And live a life without mental barriers.

I don't really have this philosophical answer with super deep meaning behind it. I'll go back again and again to the way I live my life through a positive mindset. I stay dedicated to my goals and what I want to achieve. Barriers will always pop up in life, and sometimes we run into them. I always structure my mindset to the next step of the process. Whether I hit a bump that set me back or made a few strides forward. Football has taught me a lot about life. In football you have to have next play mentality. Bad plays you keep thinking about only put a damper on the next play, the only one the matters. That's how I think about my off the field goals. Not everything will go my way on the journey. But I have to keep that next step mentality and find ways to maneuver the obstacles that life places in front of us to stop us.

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