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What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it's positivity, communication, and an open mind. These three things allow all of us to grow. To become our better selves in a better society. I write because I love to get my thoughts out. Daily, my mind is running 1000 MPH and without an outlet, I would get no sleep. 

I have written creatively since I was in middle school. In my free time, I let it all out. Creativity is my favorite attribute and what I know will help me achieve all my life goals. 

Facts about me:

- Former NFL WR

- Husband, soon to be father, son, and brother. 

- My favorite animal is a panda.

- Harry Potter is the greatest movie series of all time.

- Writing, video/photography, video games, music, meeting new people, and learning new things is what keeps me going. 

- I learned to play piano when I was younger. 

- God gives me the opportunities I have at hand. 

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