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Updated: May 15, 2019

The Untamed Mind 

With so many ways to reach the world in the advanced society we live in today, I've realized more and more that we tend to overthink how and why we are trying to reach them in the first place.

We ask ourselves often: "Am I being genuine?" "Who am I offending?" "How can I really catch attention?" "Do people even care what I have to say?"

I have also learned over the years that in today's society, no one can please everyone. There will always be someone with an opposing opinion, remark, or even disapproval of your whole idea. But that's the beauty of it as well. People have always had the freedom to disagree and voice their opinions. The only thing is, before the advancement of the technologies we now have the privilege to use, the platform to voice those feelings were unavailable. We have just about all of the platforms one can dream of having now. From Twitter posts to YouTube videos, anyone with a connection to the internet can have a voice. It is up to the individual to choose what voice they bellow out while understanding all possible consequences, good or bad, that come with it. Freedom, right?

I have always been a person with a highly opinionated, wandering, random mind. The utmost emphasis on the term random. In my younger days (well I am only 25, so my teen days), it came without much backup. I really just spoke and debated about any topic all through emotion, with the occasional reference of backing. The only genuine knowledge I had was about sports. As I got older and as the theme of clickbait began to increase, I knew that emotion alone was really doing more harm than good.

I have many interests in my life from athletics, to music, to technology, to social events around the world. Even with a growing interest in a more educated political stance. (I know the one topic you shouldn't talk about right?). But I like to talk about them all. Day by day, my interest in other peoples thoughts about the things that I have interest in, grow. Conversations can do so much good in our world. Conversations about the good things and about the bad things. I like to bring my animated, goofy side to as many conversations as I can. Sometimes that isn't needed.

With this blog, I hope to catch the attention of a vast majority of open thinkers. I hope to shed light on topics and interests of my life from my point of view. And with that I hope I can receive others opinions on whatever I write.  I love writing and figured I would put my daily writing habits to good use. Bring substance in my own way to you guys.

Welcome to my life and my thoughts!

1. Who I am I am a 25 year old, multi-racial, panda loving, football playing, music listening, goofy dude. I was born in 1993 in Charlottesville, VA. I have lived in Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, New York, and North Carolina in my life. Charlotte, NC is where I call home. (Queen City stand up!) If the wizarding world was real (which it is) I would be in Gryffindor. Seriously though, my wife is my rock. We have been married almost a year, but together for 10. We met in high school and its been the two of us ever since. My family is my support system. My mottos in life are nothing but positivity and that God is Love. Positive mind sets are what make this world spin. And I will always stand by that.

Mr. and Mrs.

2. Sports have consumed my entire life I have played sports since just about walking age. Starting with soccer, leading to baseball and basketball, and with a brief track experience in high school. My life long love has been football, though. Even though I didn't start until I was in the 8th grade, football had always been my favorite sport to watch. I have been fortunate to play it at every level possible so far in my life and I am currently working to keep playing at the highest level I am currently in. I currently play WR for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and have had time with the Oakland Raiders and Indianapolis Colts.

3. Two Colleges  A bit deceiving, but I did attend the University of South Carolina where I graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management. I used to want to open up my own restaurant one day. Emphasis on used to. Here I played football on full scholarship for four years. I then took an opportunity for a better on the field opportunity at Wake Forest University, where I played my fifth year. I was able to do that because I red shirted as a freshman. That allowed me to graduate and still be able to play Division I football without restrictions. Both schools and experiences had huge impacts on where I am today.

Senior Day vs. Duke

4. Im. Weird.  For those who know me personally can 100% agree to this statement. And I fully accept it. All of us are weird in our own way. But if you get close to me, you may agree that everyone might not be this weird consistently. For me I think it keeps life fun. And occasionally those around me think the same, until it gets to be a bit much after a few hours. I make random animal noises, get real hype in inappropriate situations, and I stay as animated with my facial expressions as possible. To be clear these are all characteristics I have been given by my peers. These are not self coined, lol.

5. Writing isn't a newfound love.. I have been writing in private since middle school. Whether its how a day went, poems, creative stories that pop in my head randomly. I took a few creative writing classes, and actually went into college as a journalism major. I quickly realized that that was not the exact route I wanted to go, but never gave up on writing. It has always given me an outlet to write my thoughts down or any feelings. Yeah, men got feelings I won't act like we don't. It's been a way for me to stay creative and keep that part of my brain flowing.  Of course, the benefits of writing things down have always been concrete.

6. Moving Forward Now that you know a bit about who I am, that's just the start. Naturally through my writing, whoever comes across this will be able to obtain their own perspective of who I am. As we all have different ones of everybody. Im sure I'll be called out on my shit. Agreed with and not. But I appreciate that dialogue us as people can have with each other. Allows growth and maturation. I hope you enjoy what is in store

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