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A1 Coffee Vibes Buzz Around Plaza-Midwood

Over the past year, I've gravitated towards dope coffee shops. Where I'm at, I try to find one that has good coffee, a solid vibe, and some good bites. And I''m not one to just nibble on a scone either. I need some BITES.

A couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to finally try what I thought at the time was a new shop in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood. Undercurrent Coffee has actually been there far longer than I had expected, though. Just over a year publicly debuting. Was I mad that I hadn't discovered it? Sure. But nonetheless, I had. And it is just my kind of shop.

Plaza is unique area anyways. Little more artsy and bolder than other surrounding areas of the city. Definitely trendier. Undercurrent sitting right in the heart of Plaza is the perfect place for them. You look at the building and can tell the amount of natural light you get while enjoying some coffee and whatever company you bring with you is satisfying. Whether that company is a human, humans, or a computer or book. It's bright inside and simple. There isn't too much going on on the walls or anything. It's the perfect place to be able to focus on whatever it is you go there for. I like meeting people there for good conversations and writing mostly. Chairs and couches fill the spaces for room to sit. A good range of those as well. There is also some seating right outside on their front patio. In the right spot to take in the sounds of hustle and bustle of the morning.

I drink my coffee with almond milk or oat milk and then add some flavor occasionally. They do have almond milk and alternatives for milk which just allows more customers that can't handle black coffee to enjoy the shop as well. Not 100% sure about oat milk, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had that as well. For starters their coffee is great. They have everything from drip coffee to pour over all the way to matcha lattes, teas, and house made sodas. I'm intrigued to try the house made sodas. Sounds refreshing when you live in the arm pit of hell during the summer. Otherwise known as the south. If you like the little artistic touch on the top of your coffees, they do indeed create that for you. A little heart maybe or a leafy design.

The coffee is obviously the first thing most of us make sure is good when trying a coffee shop......


As I said, I need my bites! And yeah, they got them. They got just what I need. And probably what you'd need. I am fairly particular about my coffee shop spread. It's almost an automatic A+ score if I can eat toast with eggs or avocado and toast with peanut butter and banana with my coffee. I don't necessarily know what it is about that combination that I like so much, but whatever it is it just hits right. I smiled as I glanced at the menu to see those exact options for my very choosing.

Their avocado toast even has a little kick with the spiced seeds and nuts they top it with. It's also vegan for the cherry on top. OH! And you can add a poached egg. Which is an absolute yes. Please and thank you. I may even take two, or three. Please. The second choice I was fortunate enough to order was the peanut butter and banana toast. It's available gluten free and vegan as it states on the menu. It's topped with cinnamon and Muddy Pond sorghum syrup. Nice little touch to what would already be mouth watering.

You can ask if those were good toast to get and I'll just let you know that they were gone within a few minutes if that tells you anything. But their menu is full of a handful of other options like jam toast, salads, grain bowls, chia pudding, and quiche of the day. Chia pudding is another menu item I look forward to trying. Again, not just bites.....but BITES! And a positive about the menu, is that you can tell the chef behind the menu has a focus on nutrition.

The Lab?

They have public classes and tastings for those who are experienced or not, to learn more about the world of coffee in their Undercurrent Lab. They also provide Professional Workshops for those with experience and even SCA Certification Courses. So go drink some coffee and get "edumacated" as well. (Shout out to pops)


Undercurrent is just a fun, cool spot to relax in. There are tons of people with their laptops working or creating. Others indulging in great conversation like I did that morning. Simply able to be in their own worlds while enjoying great flavors provided by your friendly neighbors behind the counter. I've added it to my favorites with the other places I expect to go more routinely here at home. I highly recommend this shop and I'm ready to try some of their other options in the near future! The Hubers set up an incredibly solid coffee shop that I, without hesitation, can give two thumbs up. Around the perfect community, as well.

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