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Awareness Is Okay...A Rant.

This has been something that I think about often just because the push for awareness is so common in today's society. It''ll be kind of short and to the point, too.

There are so many causes and issues to be talked about and that need to be spread amongst us, but it is so hard to reach the amount of people we think is necessary to make strides. I've been a part of fundraisers, 5k runs, haircut sessions, and social media pushes. But it seems that last one on the list is a problem for a lot of people. And the thing that makes it BS, is that majority of the people that do complain, have causes on the flip side that they do the exact same thing for.

Example and reasoning for for this rant:

During the last week or so, I have noticed a plethora of avi's changing on social media. To the solid color blue. It's to stand in solidarity with Sudan and what is happening over there. I won't go into details about what is going on specifically here.

A link above to read over a bit of detail of what's actually happening. I recommend researching further for more details.


But the thing that made me write this post (yes I understand it is more emotional than anything but remember this is untamed my people) is the backlash or "annoyance" because of the simple act of changing their profile pictures to blue.

"Changing your profile picture doesn't do anything."

"How about you physically help or donate instead."

"You just follow trends for clout."

Those are just some of the responses I have seen some people get. People I don't even know, but what bothers me is that they don't realize the impact that that part of our new generation can have. The social media revolution. Spreading little things like that across platforms at alarming rates. Awareness can make a huge difference. Each person no matter their follower count can catch someones eye with the change and engage in a possible conversation. Spreading information that can eventually lead to helping or donating to take even further action. It is a worldwide current event that affects innocent humans that some people are seeming to care a lot about. It's the same for those who tweet or post about breast cancer, Alzheimer's, mental health, social injustice, etc. Everyone will have their own opinions about which of those are "more important than the other", but everyone has their own beliefs and passions in which they care about. It's super similar to people comparing people's struggles. Just because you think the thing someone else is struggling with in life is small, doesn't mean it is to them. (Another thing I will never understand, but then again I realize that most of it is just people wanting to complain or put others down.)

Just because people believe...

scratch that...

SEE that this small action of changing your profile picture is making an impact, shouldn't instigate others. Celebrities have even started to do this which is pushed out to millions and millions or people. Sit back and just think for a second. Imagine this. Say The Rock posts a solid blue pic and explains why people should notice what is going on. He has 146.....MILLION human beings following him. Along with some non humans that may be bots, but that's beside the point, haha. What if just HALF of those followers go to donate $10. Multiply that and who knows what impact that can make on the situation over there. I'm a firm believer of "every little bit can count". That adds up! Especially in these situations.

You don't believe in what she tweeted? Or why he changed his profile pic to blue? Move on, put that effort into YOUR cause or passion, and I would bet my life that that little change would make that ultimate change that so many of us look for in our world.

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